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Our Raw Breeder & Raw Feeder Affiliate Program

Welcome to the Heaven Sent Healthy Pet Shop
Raw Feeding / Breeder Affiliate Program. 

It is my passion to help breeders and other raw feeders learn about raw feeding to produce the healthiest puppies possible and show you how you can make
extra re-occurring income from your puppy and kitten sales. 
(And if your not a breeder, you can generate income just by talking to people and helping them find a good source of meat and supplements, as well as a trusted source of helpful health information.)
The puppies or kittens you produce are your pride and joy, you work hard producing a healthy pet a family should be able to enjoy for years to come. It is disappointing to find out a puppy or kitten you produced is miserable with allergies or has cancer or something else that shortens or makes their life miserable and there is nothing you can do about it.  To top it off, the family is spending hard earned money trying to keep their pet healthy.  More pets are put down due to allergies every year because families give up when everything the vet recommends doesn't work and they just cannot stand to see their dog in misery, not to mention the money spent trying to fix the problem.


I have an answer that will make your breeding stock and offspring the healthiest they can be and you can make recurring extra income for years to come with each puppy or kitten you sell.  I know it is hard to keep a positive cash flow when you are a breeder, from feeding to vet expenses, the income you make with a litter goes very, very quickly.  When I found myself in the position that I depended on my litters for my living, I had to think of ways to make extra income.  I created a program that not only keeps the puppies I produce in top notch health, but to also helps me make extra money without having to produce more puppies.  It was a win ~ win idea. 

What IS IT and How do I do this? 

I educate my families on exactly how to feed raw with material in a puppy pack folder that directs them to the online store through links and QR codes.  In the store I have monthly packages that includes everything they will need to keep their pet as healthy as it can be.  It’s a super easy program that makes feeding raw so easy, they don't even have to think about it,
it’s as easy AND affordable as kibble.

Then I had a thought, I bet other breeders and raw feeders would like to have the same opportunity to have super healthy stock, produce healthy pets, help those pets STAY healthy throughout life, and the cherry on top….produce income from that. 
Who would not want to help their breeding stock & offspring stay healthy?  I have found the raw diet will regenerate the genetic damage from decades of dry kibble fed stock. So, in essence, your stock becomes healthier with every generation produced on the raw diet.  To me, that is SUPER EXCITING! And Families love the idea and are excited to feed their pups raw. 

I have the meat, created the online store, created all the materials needed to get families started, and I am your drop shipper.  All the work has already been done for you to begin selling raw feeding packages with each puppy or kitten.
I also have puppy packages for bowls, leashes, crates, toys….all the items a new puppy/kitten owner would need to get started.  They are going to buy these items from someone, they may as well buy them from YOU.
First step, you sign up as an affiliate.
You will start out earning 12% of every sale from your affiliate link and 12% credit off your personal orders after your first affiliate sale!  The magic happens when that begins to multiply with each litter, and it just keeps growing, year after year.  You can add the link to your Facebook page, website, Instagram, Pinterest, everywhere… doesn’t have to stop with just puppy families. And since you have a relationship with the families, they will be more willing to buy what they need for their pup from you, throughout its life, than anyone else.  I have many products in the store AND I am constantly adding new items.

How The Puppy or Kitten Pack Materials Work
As soon as you sign up, you can download the pack materials with your QR code automatically printed.

The puppy pack will have everything you need to get your families off to a great start.  Everything is designed with the beginner in mind and designed to SELL for you!  

We do all the work!
Heaven Sent Healthy Pet Shop will provide you with all the links you need to be able to track the sales you originate. Simply copy and paste the code we supply into your website, email, facebook, ads...

STEP 1 - Create your account and Complete your affiliate sign -up on your account home page and move forward with the affiliate program today!
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...did I mention this is FREE?
Yep, Sign up & everything you need is FREE!

Everything professionally designed for you, with your own QR code, helping your  families raw feeding journey to be as easy as ever!

Supplement Samples

Even Entire Puppy Packs, Printed & put together for you!

Open folder
Complete Nutrition Package
Complete Nutrition Package

Package Deals


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Raw Information with the Beginner in mind

Raw menu pages
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Custom Health Records

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