Raw Feeding Guidlelines

Husky dog eat bone on meadow. Close up.jpg

    If you are new to the raw feeding diet, here are a few tips to help you start out. 

Transitioning your pets to raw is mostly trial and error. 
I tell people all the time, there's a learning curve, but don't worry, dogs are scavengers.  You won't hurt your dog while your learning, just switching to raw makes a huge difference and is on the positive anyways.

Every pet is different but once you get the hang of it, it will be smooth sailing.

   I personally start "cold turkey" with my dogs.   That may work or it may not for you and your pet.  Many think they need to wean off dry pet food by and adding more raw pet food each day until all the dry pet food is gone. I think most can switch right away if care is taken to give your pet plenty of pro-biotics(Yogurt, Keifer, raw milk, ect...)to populate the dead kibble gut.  Seeing loose stools at the beginning is no alarm, your pets body is just detoxifying.  

    These tips are only a starting point.  Each dog has different energy requirements.  Some breeds are more active than other breeds.  Some just lay around the house all day long. 
We suggest to start at  3% of their body weight and a 80-10-10 mix. 
80% muscle meat + 10% organ + 10% bone.  

        For example:  50# dog x 3% = 1 1/2# a day.

 You can feed this all at once or split it up during the day, it's your choice.  If you notice your pet losing too much weight, then you should increase the pounds of meat.  If you notice your pet gaining too much weight, then you should decrease the pounds.  It all depends on how active your pet is.  

    Feed your pet the raw diet in the same food bowl as you were with feeding dry pet food.  Use all the safe food handling instructions when feeding raw.  Pets can enjoy their raw diet both frozen and thawed.  Some dogs will just swallow whole pieces....remember, they are dogs and dogs don't chew, they crunch bone enough to fit down the throat and swallow, their stomach does all the "chewing" for them.  

If your a bit scared about the bones....RAW bones are soft and digestible and fine to feed.  NEVER FEED COOKED BONES, cooking makes the bone hard, brittle and undigestible...leaving the possibility of blockage and or ripping the stomach/intestines.  Read more about bones and raw in the blog.