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Kangen Water for Your Health and Your Pet's Health

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

If you've never heard of Kangen Water, please take a minute to learn the amazing health benefits and sanitizing benefits of Kangan Water. I have personally used Kangen water for over 15 years and just recently bought a new machine to use with my dog kennel.

I use the 2.5 ph Electrolyzed water for sanitizing everything, crates, feeding bowls, decks....This acidic electrolyzed water is shown to kill Bacteria and Viruses, and in today's society with all the new viruses coming out....every way we can use to help our immunity and sanitation is always a wise choice.

See My Kangen Water Website for tons of great info, videos and to purchase a machine.

I use the 9.5ph electrolyzed water for the healthy benefits for myself and my dogs. (See Pet Testimonials below)

If you are looking for a highly effective way to not only boost your health but to sanitize your home, sanitize and clean your vegetables/food, laundry without will love the Kangen Water machine.

Check my Kangen Water Website for more information and Videos all about this wonderful water .

To learn more about the health benefits sign up for a free webinar with Health guru Shan Stratton Here.

Download PDF • 1.87MB

Pet Testimonials

Download • 3.35MB
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