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The Raw Diet for Your Dog - Enzymes

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

One of my philosophies and a part of my goals in my breeding program is to have as healthy a dog as can be produced. I have found the number one way to accomplish this goal is through the raw diet and natural remedies.

We have been feeding a raw diet to our puppies and adults since 2012 and now have 3 generations of raw fed dogs on site. Each generation of raw fed dogs become healthier, the affect is cumulative, and instead of degeneration

we have re-generation. Even if a family decides not to feed raw, our puppies start out healthier than their kibble fed counterparts.

So I'll attempt to answer a couple of my number one questions here and then give links to more information on the raw diet.

First, let's answer WHY is raw better than kibble foods since kibble is sold as being a complete balanced meal?

The entire question can be summed up in one fairly simple answer.

Raw food contains the enzymes required by the body for just about every process. They are the building blocks of a healthy body.

Kibble, on the other hand, is cooked and therefore the enzymes are destroyed and the dogs body must create the enzymes necessary for digestion, rebuilding, and overall health.

If you start out deficient, you will eventually run out of A seemingly "healthy state" and the body deteriorates. When this happens you get diseases.

Pottinger's Cats was a perfect example scientific study on the affects of raw food vs cooked food for cats.


Enzymes are present in all living animal and plant cells. They are the primary motivators of all natural biochemical processes. Life cannot exist without enzymes because they are essential components of every chemical reaction in the body. For example, they are the only substance that can digest food and make it small enough to pass through the gastrointestinal mucosa into the bloodstream.

Three very broad classifications of enzymes are:

1.Food enzymes - occur in raw food and, when present in the diet, begin the process of digestion

2.Digestive enzymes - produced by the body to break food into particles small enough to be carried across the gut wall.

3.Metabolic enzymes - produced by the body to perform various complex biochemical reactions


Now that we've established a factual foundation as to WHY we should feed raw.

Continue to the next blog article for HOW and WHAT we feed......





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